“There should have been a tool like this invented many years ago.  It does a fantastic job.  I don’t know any other way of cleaning a hole wet or dry better than it does.”

Art Perkinson, ICC/WABO Special Inspector


“I arrived on a site where the contractor had 2 laborers spend 8 hours the day before cleaning 450-9″ x 7/8″ holes for epoxy anchors.  I put the Vortabrush into a few of the pre-cleaned holes and a significant amount of dust was left in many of them.  The contractor requested that I let him use the tool to re-clean the holes.  It took 1 laborer 2 hours to re-clean all 450 holes.  And, he was covered in dust when he was done.  It was amazing.  Every contractor who installs any structural anchors should use this tool.”

Jaimie D. Gordon, ICC/WABO Special Inspector